About Us

We are a swim club located in lovely Fort Collins, Colorado. The club encourages and promotes swimming among people of all ages. We are open 50 weeks a year! We are only closed for one week during Christmas and one week during Thanksgiving. All of our instructors and staff are Red Cross Lifeguard Certified and many have achieved other Red Cross Certifications. We occasionally hold Red Cross training classes, check out their website for class schedules.

We not only teach swimming but also encourage our members to participate in competitions at club, local, regional and even national level. We have facilities for various water sports like water polo and diving. While the majority of our staff our amateur only, they still love the sport and have a lot to offer.

We also offer training for children and not only do we teach swimming but we also teach important life lessons like hard work and perseverance.

You can become our member if you are enthusiastic about swimming. That’s the only requirement! Whether you want to compete or just want to healthy, we welcome all members and all walks of life!