In order to be a member of our club, you need to pay two fees; one to the club and one to the ASA.. These fees are:

Individual swimmer – $25.00
Family of two swimmers – $40.00
Family of three swimmers – $60.00

If you are an associate member, you need to pay $10.00.

Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Membership Fee

You need to register with the ASA to personally insure them. You will get a renewal notification every year from the club.

Category 1 non-competing swimmers – $8.5

ASA fee – $5.00
Total – $13.50

Category 2 competing swimmers – $25.50

ASA fee – $5.00
TotalĀ – $30.50

The club directly forwards the ASA fees to the ASA. An ASA registration car is issued to each swimmer. You should keep this card safe at all times. If you are involved with more than one club, you should fill out dual registration forms.

Monthly fee

This fee must be paid throughout the year. The monthly fee varies. Here is a list of the monthly fees that the swimmers must pay.

Adult – $5.20
Concession: $3.95
Disabled concession: $3.50
Junior (4 to 15 years): $3.20
Family (2 adults and 3 children): $15.00

If you have any questions regarding our fee structure, please contact us. The annual membership must be renewed every year. You should pay the monthly fees by the 15th of each month.